Práctica profesional de Comunicación – Communication Internship – Zamudio – Ref.04025

Área: Diseño y Artes gráficas, Marketing y Comunicación
Supporting RIS Communication manager in the implementation of all communication activities related to EIT Food projects and monitoring its progress. Operational support role in the implementation of the communication activities of EIT Food.
Support the implementation of instruments stipulated in EIT Food Business Plan and Strategy, such as a R&D expert community or the Journalism Awards.
Support the communication strategy of the CLC South projects, by setting direction, creating content, promoting campaigns and liaising other colleagues to join forces and reach a broader audience.
Supporting the organization of events and development of content to raise awareness of and promote EIT Food initiatives by writing, creating and editing content for diverse communication channels including media, online and print as required.
Creating, editing and publishing content in different social media channels in order to promote events and activities.
Get insight into the development of a content marketing and social media strategy for CLC South and its implementation.Competencias técnicas que se desarrollan en la práctica:
Support in creating exciting content for different channels: videos, banners & campaign visuals (with a design agency if needed), build our stock of photos & images; and content planning and scheduling.
Live tweeting & stories at events.
Brand management support: safeguard that all materials for dissemination and outreach follow the EIT Food brand guideline

Titulaciones afines:  Grado en Comunicación, Grado en Periodismo, Grado en Publicidad, Ingeniería Organización de las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación

Idiomas: Se requiere inglés alto (Nivel C1). Se valora euskera alto.


Duración: 25 horas de formación (al inicio y durante la práctica) y 6 meses de estancia en empresa (35 horas semanales)

Dotación: 4452 € brutos

Lugar: Zamudio – Bizkaia

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