Práctica profesional en life and materials sciences – Bilbao – Ref.07020

Departamento life and materials sciences (mslms) group
Área: I+D + i
In order to reach our goals, we employ dedicated scientific computing infrastructure available in BCAM and from external partners. In addition, MSLMS owns a 24 cores computing cluster (Monako) which is routinely used for code development and the deployment of small to medium size computations. This clusters runs on Ubuntu 14.04.6 and uses Slurm 14.11 as a job scheduler. It is equipped with Fortran, C C++ and MPI compilers and scientific libraries. Nonetheless, all of these features (including the OS) need to be updated and optimized in order to guarantee compatibility with the latest libraries and software. For this task, we require a computer science graduate with proficiency in Linux and, ideally, knowledge of parallel computing infrastructure management.

Competencias técnicas que se desarrollan en la práctica:
We require a capable computer scientist to carry out two challenging tasks: (1) managing and upgrading our parallel computing cluster with the latest versions of Ubuntu, Slurm and Fortran/C++ compilers and libraries; and (2) implementing the GSHMC algorithm in the massively parallel Molecular Dynamics package LAMMPS.

Perfiles:  Grado en Matemáticas.

Idiomas: Se requiere inglés alto.

Duración: 25 horas de formación (al inicio y durante la práctica) y 5 meses de estancia en empresa (35 horas semanales)

Dotación: 3880 € brutos

Lugar: Bilbao – Bizkaia

Reactívate. 1000 jóvenes para reactivar las empresas de Euskadi

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