Práctica profesional en mathematical, computational and experimental neuroscience – Bilbao – Ref.07019

Departamento mcen research line
Área: I+D + i
This project will leverage upon recent advances that merge Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques with a number of mathematical methods (e.g Geometry, Algebraic Topology, Graph Theory, Partial Differential equations) to screen for novel drugs with high theurapeutic efficacy against several disseases (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease). The envisaged drug discovery platform will be modular since each module will be dedicated to solving a particular aspect of the drug discovery pipeline. The student(s) will help develop key modules of the platform and will be able to test their developed module on real bio-molecular data sets. This internship programme will provide students with valuable experience and will give insights as to how their skills can have a social and technological impact.

Competencias técnicas que se desarrollan en la práctica:
We seek a number of final year student(s) with strong background in Computer Science (average grade above 7/10) or with an MSc. The student(s) should have strong programming skills (e.g. Python, C) and should have working knowledge of software programminng environments, debugging skills, version control and deployment softwares. Moreover, the student should be interested in Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics. The student(s) should have a reasonable understanding of English (written and spoken) since reports will be delivered in English.

Perfiles:  Grado en Matemáticas.

Idiomas: Se requiere inglés alto.

Duración: 25 horas de formación (al inicio y durante la práctica) y 5 meses de estancia en empresa (35 horas semanales)

Dotación: 3880 € brutos

Lugar: Bilbao – Bizkaia

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